No matter the subject, no matter the context, no matter the modality in which the image is rendered, we are drawn to portraits because they tell us a story about another being. We are particularly interested in faces, and so our sense of portraiture is somewhat narrow. Still, we don't consider that portraiture is the sole domain of the human face.

These collections include portraits of people, companion animals, and images we have discovered in larger works of art and sculpture. Sometimes part of the portrait is the costume the person is wearing, along with the story in their eyes - as is the case in the Faces of Carnival collection. We have selected the portraits in the following collections because they have touched us in some way.
The Human ConditionFaces of Carnival II - Venice, 2010Faces of Carnival - VeniceYeomen Warders of the Tower of LondonFour-Legged Companions of the Canine Persuasion - Miss LexiFour-Legged Companions of the Feline Persuasion