The Tower of London is a place of extraordinary history, serving a number of functions through the years: Royal Palace, Prison, Royal Mint and home to Crown Jewels. The Tower is guarded by the Yeomen Warders. All Yeomen Warders must have retired from one of the branches of the Armed Services with at least 22 years of meritorious service, and must be former senior non-commissioned officers who also hold the Long Service and Good Conduct Medals.

In addition to their role as guardians of the Tower, the Yeomen Warders serve an educational function (and they must endure the torture of having thousands upon thousands of tourists ask to take their photographs, dressed as they are in a quite dapper uniform.)

We are very grateful to Andy and his colleagues who were a delight to meet and extremely kind and generous with their time and energy. We hope these images reflect the dignity and humanity of these former military personnel who now serve their country in a different role.