Visual Ovation Photography | Faces of Carnival - Venice
"The eyes indicate the antiquity of the soul" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The cold, damp Venetian winter is punctuated every year by the riotous color and energy that is Carnival. The city is filled with people, some of whom wear exquisite costumes, delighting visitors and photographers alike by posing amongst the crowds. It is an experience to share the sunrise at St. Mark's Square with these performers and the gaggle of damp photographers who seek to capture their essence on film. Many photographs have been taken of these performers, and many more will be taken in the future. However, these are the views that captivated us. The masks are a beautiful focus but it is the expressive eyes that make us wonder, "Who is behind the mask?" Thanks to Matteo for beginning to let us know..
Il primo MatteoThe Delicate OneThe Red LadyThe GiftVenetian KabukiTraditionThe SecretThe Jester