Visual Ovation Photography | Image of the Week 2/18/2013 | Living History: Il Primo Matteo

Living History: Il Primo Matteo

Let us introduce you to "Il Primo Matteo." His real name is Matthias Fliegel, but once he dons his marvelous costume he becomes a playful Jester.

We met Matteo at Carnival in Venice in 2009. But we have transformed his contemporary image to one that has a vintage feel. We think this better reflects the fact that Matteo does something really special when he dons his lovely ensemble. He doesn't just perform. Instead, with each playful dance and swoop he brings history alive. He introduces us to a character who had an important social role in the past. And in his creative soul he reaches back to the history of those playful truth-tellers who came before him.
Living History:  Il Primo Matteo