Visual Ovation Photography | The Art of Transience: The Art of the Street
This gallery reflects our ongoing interest in street art. Whatever feelings you have about this public art form, some of which is sanctioned and some of which is not, there is no denying that much of it is artistically striking. Street art is found around the world, in all its forms: Painting, stencils, stickers, posters, wheat-pastes, graffiti, tiles. While some pieces are large, dramatic and can't be missed, other pieces are hidden away, a special treat when they are discovered.

To us, there is something profoundly human and poignant about street art because of its transience. Like all of us, it is born, it becomes changed over time, marked and affected by the actions of others or weathered with the elements, and eventually its life ends. Sometimes this ending is natural, and sometimes it is at the hands of others.

So here you will find portraits of pieces of street art from both close to home and internationally. Sometimes we know the artist, and if this is the case, we identify him or her. But often we don't know who is behind what we are seeing.

In the images we present here, our goal is to honor the art of the street and share that which is visually compelling to us. And in publicly displaying these images we try to do something more intangible: We defy transience and death, providing visual immortality to the street images that have touched us.
Fractured VanitiesStreet Art San FranciscoStreet Art LondonStreet Art Tallinn, EstoniaStreet Art VancouverShepard Fairey in Copenhagen