These are images from an alley in Vancouver, British Columbia. We found it by accident, and it triggered our delight in street art.

On one side of the alley is a long and complex piece, drawing on significant images and figures from western art and social history. It has been described as "legal" or "semi legal" (largely by virtue of its size) and was installed by a group called "Cold World" and other artists.

On the other side of the alley were other images, probably not sanctioned, and not done in any coordinated way. They were incredibly compelling graphically and emotionally, and somewhat darker in feel. At least two of the pieces are by the artists S. Vegas and Jerm IX.

When we know the name of the artist, we cite it. Hovever, we don't know the titles for any of the pieces shown here. We have taken the liberty of giving some pieces our own titles, which we hope reflect the artists' intent.

If you want to see the real thing, find the alley between Richards and Seymour, just south of Hastings in Vancouver.
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